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    Even on the best of days, having to explain in a well-formatted, well-worded document what you've done, five days a week, for the past however many years, can make anyone want to stare at a wall or seek solace in the current binge-able Netflix series.


    Developing job search materials by yourself can be deflating and leave you thinking you haven't actually done anything.


    This is what I have to say about that: You do not have to do this alone. In fact, don't.


    For many of my clients, it's nearly impossible for them to see their strengths. And I'm talking about people with PhDs or 10+ years in sales or nurses who restructured patient care during Covid. This "leadership blindness" often happens because your strengths come so naturally to you, it doesn't occur as leadership or accomplishment. It just occurs as, you, doing what you do.


    This is where I come in.


    We work together to uncover those taken-for-granted strengths and find the stories of your leadership. I then develop personalized job search materials, including resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters, that highlight your leadership in a way that sounds like you and makes it crystal clear what you do and what you have to offer.

  • "Utilizing Andrea's talents was hands down the best investment that I have ever made professionally."

    Bethany, Medical Consultant


    "As much as I love my new resume, it was Andrea's coaching and encouragement that gave me the confidence to aim high."

    Rebekah, Programming Director


    In addition to giving my clients job search materials they love and can't wait to send out, I also coach my clients on shifting from fear and panic around the job search to discovery, connection, and ease.


    To this end, a few of my foundational beliefs when it comes to job search material creation and the job search process include:



    When I say, "Speak like a human", I mean speak like yourself. There are two headspaces I notice clients get into. The first is what I call "Super-Proving!", where they are compelled to over-explain their background in a way that is hard to follow and results in the message getting muddled. The opposite end of this is "Under-Proving", where clients don't even know how to say anything about their experience. This results in having no message at all. In both cases, clients are not speaking like themselves. Humanizing the job search experience is a key take away in the work I do with my clients and helps them to easily communicate what they do and have to offer.



    Working with me, we shift the perspective from someone looking for a job to someone who is an expert at what they do who is looking for clients. It is shifting from "I want to be your employee. Please hire me!" to "I'm a consultant who would help your company/project to kick-ass."



    My aim is to give you a resume that showcases your leadership...period. I have had clients come to me with four versions of their resume that highlights different accomplishments in a variety of formats and none of them really showcase the person's leadership. This is not to say two separate resumes might be appropriate, but rather to say, regularly overhauling your resume for each job is a crazy-making activity. I don't suggest it.



    This is the big trick of the job search experience: it often makes people feel like they simply will never get hired. This fear is woven in. I have worked with hundreds of clients and every single one of them had an amazing skillset, including both hard and soft skills, that any company would be lucky to have. You are no different from previous clients I've had who got jobs very quickly after working with me, which brings me to #5 on this list...



    I include this fifth statement not even as a belief but as a fact. My clients come from a variety of backgrounds, in all manner of industries and life circumstances. You are not the only one struggling to verbalize what you do. You are not the only one looking to make a huge career transition. You are not the only one who hasn't worked for several years. You are not the only one who got laid off due to Covid. You are not alone and I am here to help.

  • "Andrea catapulted me professionally. With her keen intellect and ability to synthesize, she discerned and then illuminated a compelling work narrative which accurately represented me."

    Mark, Sales

    "I LOVE this final resume. It's finally a resume that actually represents me authentically and tells my professional story with accuracy and a sprinkle of sass."

    Autumn, Nonprofit Director


    I love working with my clients. being their cheerleader, and hearing their success stories. The relationships I create with my clients are close, fun, and personal.


    Clients I have worked with come from a wide range of industries from entertainment to finance to medical sales and have held titles ranging from CEO and VP to Manager, Assistant, and Designer.


    Whether you need someone to do a complete overhaul on your resume, need help crafting the perfect cover letter, or are lost on LinkedIn, let's talk! You can view my pricing and process under SERVICES.


    If you prefer to work in a group setting, I will also be offering two courses: RESUME IN A DAY and the COVER LETTER BOOTCAMP. Dates will be released soon.


    This is to say, I offer several ways for you to get the support you need in order to get your job search materials complete and out the door.


    Even if all that ever happens between us is a free 30 minute consultation, let's do that.


    The moral of the story here is: Reach out to me!


    I look forward to speaking with you and helping you as you enter the next phase of your career!




    Reach out to set up a free 30-minute consultation

    or if you have any questions!